Professor Lerner Comments on Duke Rape Case

Professor Craig Lerner comments in a Los Angeles Times news article on the cessation of "spin" in the case of the alleged rape of an exotic dancer by Duke University lacrosse team members at a party.

Public Spin Stops in Duke Rape Case, Los Angeles Times, April 30, 2006. By Richard Fausset.

"Some experts say defense attorneys' decision to disclose key elements of their argument to the press could backfire.

"'Once your client has been charged or has been indicted, then at some point it's potentially risky to release that favorable information to the prosecutor or to the media, because it might allow the prosecution time to explore the evidence more,' said Margaret Lawton, a former federal prosecutor and an associate professor at the Charleston School of Law in South Carolina.

"At the same time, the attorneys were responsible for defending their clients' reputation.

"The clients 'don't want all their classmates thinking they're rapists,' said Craig Lerner, a professor at George Mason University School of Law in Virginia.

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