Professor Krauss on the Use of Private Military Corporations in Warfare

The use of private military corporations, or PMCs, to provide armed support and peacekeeping services is an option that the UN or NATO might consider in order to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of refugees in the Darfur region of Western Sudan, according to an op-ed by Professor Michael I. Krauss and J. Peter Pham.

Send in the Mercenaries, TCS Daily, May 3, 2006. By J. Peter Pham and Michael I. Krauss.

"If no one else has the courage and will to act in Darfur, why doesn't the UN, or NATO for that matter, contract out the problem and let the free market save countless lives? If the African Union, whose troops are notoriously ineffective, finds the PMC option unpalatable, perhaps the credible threat of its use might compel the regional organization to come up with an alternative that will actually save the lives of innocent Darfurians, rather than merely observe their extermination."

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