Professor David Schum Wins Faculty Research Award

This year's Faculty Research Award of the Volgenau School of Informtion Technology and Engineering has been won by George Mason law professor David Schum, who joined the university's faculty in 1985. Mr. Schum also holds an appointment as Professor of Systems Engineering and Operations Research Department in the Volgenau School. During the years 1966-1985 he was a member of the faculty at Rice University, Houston, Texas, where he was a professor in the Departments of Mathematical Sciences and Psychology.

Mr. Schum is one of the world's leading experts in the properties, uses, discovery and marshaling of evidence in probabilistic reasoning. His major lines of research have involved the tracking of evidential and inferential subtleties in complex inference; the design of various strategies for assisting persons in the performance of complex inference tasks; the study of the task of assessing the inferential force of various forms and combinations of evidence; and study of ways to enhance the process of discovery of new ideas and their relevant evidential tests. In 2003 he was made an honorary member of the faculty of University College London where he is Honorary Professor of Evidence Science. He was also given the Distinguished Faculty Award at George Mason University in 1993.