Professor Rotunda Disputes Claims that Online Book Search Violates Copyrights

"Civilization is always in a race, where slowing down is losing ground. The law should encourage technological innovations that promote learning and scholarship, not place hurdles in the way," says Professor Ronald D. Rotunda in a Legal Times
op-ed that counters claims that online services akin 
to Google's Book Search violate copyrights and cost authors sales of their books.

"More important, Google's Book Search is a good example of the fair use defense to copyright infringement. Book Search enables the instant retrieval of passages relevant to research topics," he continues. "The speed and ease of retrieval promote scholarship that is more thorough. Book Search surveys many lesser-known books that might be overlooked with more lead-footed search methods. It raises the standard of academic excellence by eliminating excuses for neglecting relatively obscure works."

Authors Against Google's Book Search are Throwing Away the Keys to the Treasure Chest, Legal Times, May 8, 2006. By  Ronald D. Rotunda.