Law Library Purchases Major Database of Historical Legal Treatises

The George Mason University Law Library is pleased to announce the purchase of a major new digital collection of historical legal materials, entitled The Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926. This is a full-text database of more than 10.5 million pages and more than 22,000 works of United States and British law published from 1800 through 1926.  The Making of Modern Law was chosen by the American Association of Law Libraries as Best New Product 2005.  This collection is the most comprehensive full-text database of Anglo-American legal treatises of the period.

The database allows users to search in full-text for all available materials, which can be viewed as individual page images. Users can also browse books by author, title, and legal subject.  In addition, there are options to search for works containing charts, maps and other types of illustration. Users can also print up to fifty pages of materials at a time. On The Making of Modern Law, you can find everything from ABC of Taxation (1909) to Zoline on Appellate Jurisdiction and Procedure (1917). 

Click Here to Access "The Making of Modern Law".  Off campus, you will be prompted to enter your GMU e-mail userid and password in order to access the collection.

Following are a few titles and associated images from treatises in the collection:

Notes on the state of Virgina : with an appendix.   By Thomas Jefferson. 3rd American ed. Newark, 1801. 394pp. American Law: Constitutional and Political Theory.  (below)

The humor of the court room, or, Jones vs. Johnson : a lawful comedy : with illustrations by Prescott Toomey. By  Philip Lindsley. Dallas, Tex., 1899. 82pp. American Law: Biography.

Defendant's Attorney addresses the Jury(left) and  Plaintiff's Attorney addresses the Jury (right)