Professor Berkowitz Reviews Book on Revolutionary War Characters

Gentlemen Revolutionaries is the title of a recent book review by Professor Peter Berkowitz appearing in Policy Review. In it Professor Berkowitz comments on the efforts of scholars over the years to "present America's founders as the standard bearers for one favorite idea or another to the exclusion of all the rest" and cites author Gordon Wood's assertion that "The United States was founded on a set of beliefs and not, as were other nations, on a common ethnicity, language, or religion. Since we are not a nation in any traditional sense of the term, in order to establish our nationhood, we have to reaffirm and reinforce periodically the values of the men who declared independence from Great Britain and framed the Constitution. As long as the Republic endures, in other words, Americans are destined to look back to its founding."

Gentlemen Revolutionaries, Policy Review, June and July 2006. By Peter Berkowitz (a review of Revolutionary Characters: What Made The Founders Different by Gordon Wood, Penguin Press).

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