Professor Krauss on Legitimacy of Israel's Proposed Borders

Professor Michael Krauss and cowriter J. Peter Pham discuss the Palestinian Authority's efforts to suggest new criteria for the "legitimacy" of international borders between Israel and the PA in a recent article in TCS Daily.

Creating Palestine, TCS Daily, June 9, 2006. By J. Peter Pham and Michael I. Krauss.

"What is important for viability is less a nation's contiguity, size, or natural resources, and much more that state's human capital. The latter depends crucially on the quality of said state's governance, including a liberal (as opposed to democratic) constitution, economic freedom, educational investment, and commitment to the rule of law -- four criteria on which the PA, even before it was taken over by Hamas, fails lamentably.

"As does Prime Minister Olmert, we hope there will one day be a prosperous Palestine living side by side in peace and security with Israel. And like President Bush, we hope that Palestinian entity is democratic. However, the responsibility for achieving those lofty goals rests squarely with the Palestinian people and government. The responsibility, moral and legal, of Israel's leaders is to protect the real-life individuals -- Jewish, Muslim, and Christian -- who are citizens of Israel. Israel has no duty to ensure the "viability" of an entity that is, at best, notional."

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