Claremont Review of Books Contains Review By Professor Berkowitz

The Summer 2006 edition of Claremont Review of Books features a book review by Professor Peter Berkowitz of Nicholas Capaldi's "John Stuart Mill: A Biography"
(Cambridge University Press, 456 pages). 

When Liberalism Was Young, Claremont Review of Books, Summer 2006. By Peter Berkowitz.

"Because he had to wrestle with the liberalism we take for granted, his thinking provides us with background, objections, justifications, controversies, and alternatives that we have forgotten or never heard of. And because we live in a particularly angry age, in which too many members of both major parties think that the nation would be better off without the other, Nicholas Capaldi's intellectual biography of Mill is especially timely. Among its many virtues, Capaldi's book demonstrates the way Mill's thinking drew insight from competing perspectives, and makes vivid his reasons for believing that a nation devoted to individual freedom must welcome and remain hospitable to rival partisan principles."

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