Professor Krauss Examines Continued Operation of Hamas Despite International Boycott

President Bush has a blind spot when it comes to Saudi Arabia, and it threatens to undermine the central pillar of his presidency, conclude professors and co-writers  Michael I. Krauss and J. Peter Pham in a National Review Online op-ed. In the article, Professors Krauss and Pham explore some of the reasons why, in spite of a U.S. pledge not to do business with terrorists, Hamas has continued to carry out thousands of acts of terrorism and has in fact been elected to run the Palestian Authority government. Krauss and Pham credit a Saudi flow of money into Hamas as a key element of that organization's continued success.

Our Blind Spot, National Review Online, June 26, 2006. By Michael I. Krauss and J. Peter Phan.

"And the provenance of this money? Ironically, given President Bush's pledge that 'those who do business with terror will do no business with the United States,' much of it comes from a country whose princes are regular guests at the Crawford Ranch.

"According to Israel's Center for Special Studies, as of 2003, up to 60 percent of Hamas's annual budget came from Saudi Arabia, including from official sources, government-sponsored telethons, and government-run charities, as well as from Saudi individuals and organizations."

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