Important Fall Recruiting Deadlines


  •  Thursday, July 6:  Draft resume and sample cover letter due in Career Development and Alumni Services (CDAS) by 6:00 pm.
  • Monday, July 10:  List of employers conducting on-campus interviews and requesting resume collection, including hiring criteria and required application materials, will be available on Symplicity CSM.  NOTE:  This list covers registered employers as of July 10.  Employers will continue to register for Fall Recruiting throughout the summer and early fall.  Students should monitor Symplicity CSM for updates.
  • Thursday, July 13, Thursday, July 20, and Tuesday, August 1:  Symplicity CSM training sessions for Fall Recruiting will be held at 6:00 pm, Room TBA.  To participate in Fall Recruiting, students should attend one of these sessions as all details regarding Fall Recruiting participants, notification and scheduling of interviews, and "bidding" are handled through Symplicity CSM.  Passwords for Symplicity CSM were previously distributed by email.  If you no longer recall your password, please log onto the system at and click on the "Forgot my password" tab.  Handouts with brief instructions on how to use the recruiting section of the Symplicity CSM system will also be available in CDAS.
  • Wednesday, August 9:  The first deadline by which students must submit application materials in hard copy to CDAS and bid electronically on Symplicity CSM for employers conducting on-campus interviews and requesting resume collections during the first week of Fall Recruiting.  With the new Symplicity CSM system, deadlines for application materials to be submitted in hard copy to CDAS and bids to be recorded electronically on Symplicity CSM will occur every Wednesday from August 9 September 27 for employers conducting on-campus interviews and requesting resume collection each week of the Fall Recruiting Program (see section on Deadlines for further explanation).  NOTE:  This is a change from previous years when there were deadlines every few weeks and is different from what was stated during the Fall Hiring Season Orientation in April and May.


Note: CDAS has recently revised information in their Services for Students: Fall and Spring Recruiting Programs