Professor Krauss Comments in Washington Post Article on Guantanamo Bay Tribunals

A Thursday ruling by the Supreme Court found that the Guanatanamo Bay tribunals, which President Bush created shortly after the events of September 11, violate the Geneva Convention and U.S. military rules, placing yet another limitation on Bush's powers regarding the war on terrorism.

Commenting in a Washington Post article, Professor Michael Krauss called the ruling a "devastating defeat for the administration."

Court curbs Bush power, fans Guantanamo debate, The Washington Post, June 29, 2006. By Caroline Drees.

"'My suspicion is that the whole future of the Guantanamo structure is now in some turmoil,' said Michael Krauss, a law professor at George Mason University in Virginia and a fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, which is hawkish on national security issues.

"Krauss called the ruling a 'devastating defeat for the administration, and I'm not rejoicing that this is the case.'"

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