Professor Krauss Argues for Greater Awareness of Hezbollah Threat

"The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah has enjoyed a respite in Western news of late, even though it continues to augment its considerable weapons stockpile despite being required to disarm by U.N. Security Council Resolution 1559 and by anti-Syrian factions in Lebanon," according to Professor Michael Krauss in a TCS Daily op-ed cowritten with J. Peter Pham. The authors go on to argue that the insurgency in Iraq, Iran's nuclear amibitions, Palestinian terrorism, and Israeli security are are interrelated, with Hezbollah as the nexus.

The Hezbollah Nexus—, TCS Daily, July 6, 2006. By Michael I. Krauss and J. Peter Pham.

"While the Israel Defense Force has, in cooperation with Northrop Grumman and smaller Israeli and U.S. contractors working for the U.S. Space and Missile Defense Command, developed sophisticated anti-missile defense systems, it will be years before these can effectively counter Fajr rockets. Time is not on Israel's side here. Eventually, Israel may feel compelled to exercise its sovereign right to self-defense by preemptively attacking in a manner that not only eliminates the Fajr rockets, but also prevents Tehran from easily reestablishing them. While such a unilateral move will no doubt meet with publicly expressed consternation, the fact is that the nature of threat makes it hard to argue that there is a framework that legally binds the Jewish state to seek prior authorization to effectively defend itself against foes who revel in genocidal fantasies. And the fact is that should it take strong action, Israel, the U.S., and all those who fear a nuclear Iran will all be able to breathe a bit easier. For all our sakes, it's high time to bring Hezbollah back into the international limelight."

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