Los Angeles Times Features Story on Green Bag's Supreme Court Bobbleheads

A Washington lawyer recently paid $2,100 to purchase one of the coveted Green Bag Supreme Court bobbleheads (former Chief Justice Rehnquist) from an eBay listing, according to a Los Angeles Times article about the collectible figurines produced exclusively for random distribution to subscribers of the Green Bag and selected others. The same lawyer also paid over $800 for a John Paul Stevens bobblehead.

Professor Ross Davies, Editor-in-Chief of the Green Bag, calls the bobbleheads "one of those 'in-the-shower ideas'" and says that the real justices, each of whom receives his or her own bobblehead through a mysterious desktop delivery, are good natured and able to laugh at themselves. The bobbleheads include detail that captures the justices' special interests and signature opinions.

The Green Bag, which began as a monthly legal journal in 1898 and was published for 25 years, was revived in 1997 by Davies and two fellow University of Chicago law graduates as a quarterly publication. The Green Bag is billed as "an entertaining journal of law" and endeavors to take a lighter look at legal issues.  Its subscription numbers have more than doubled since the introduction of the popular bobblehead figures in 2003. The latest member of the Supreme Court bobblehead family, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, should arrive in the next month or so.

Bobblehead Justices Help Journal Promote the Lighter Side of Law, Los Angeles Times, July 3, 2006. By Heather Gehlert.

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