Professor Krauss Presents Bill of Indictment for Hezbollah Leader in TCS Daily

The case for prosecuting Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah as an international criminal is "open-and-shut," according to Professor Michael Krauss in a TCS Daily essay in which he argues for an objective application of the standards of  jurisprudence of recent international criminal tribunals to Nasrallah for his actions in violation of international humanitarian law.

"No Justice, No Peace?," TCS Daily, August 4, 2006. By J. Peter Pham and Michael I. Krauss.

"On the other hand, it is striking that these same human rights groups are largely silent when it comes to demanding accountability for rights violations in the Middle East. Since we find implausible the idea that rights advocates somehow regard lives in the Levant as worth less than lives elsewhere, we query the lack of a call for international criminal prosecution for crimes against humanity. We believe the disdain shown for outrages in that region springs from a reluctance to publicize what they know will be the result of any objective, independent inquiry into the region: the systematic exposure of the so-called Arab resistance for what it is, a multinational organized criminal enterprise that flaunts the laws of civilized nations. Such publicity must not be tolerated.

"Accordingly, groups like Human Rights Watch, which issues press releases accusing Israel of war crimes following the death of civilians in Qana, mentions Hezbollah's offenses (which of course include using the Qana residents as unwilling pawns) only as an afterthought. In so doing they knowingly sacrifice consistency and integrity for "relevance" (ephemeral publicity) and "solidarity" (political correctness)."

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