Professor Krauss on Iranian Involvement in Mideast Violence

Iranian involvement in the violence between Lebanon and Israel is undeniable, writes Professor Michael Krauss in TCS Daily, citing news of Iran's apparent decision to charge known terrorist leader Imad Mughniyeh with the supervision of Hezbollah operations in Lebanon. Krauss calls for U.S. support of "Israel's belatedly vigorous self-defense against Hezbollah" and warns against efforts to effect a ceasefire at this time.

Hate to Say We Told You So, But..., TCS Daily, August 8, 2006. By Michael I. Krauss and J. Peter Pham.

"Accordingly, even more than when we wrote our pre-war apologia for the elimination of Hezbollah's missile threat, Israel's fight is America's fight. If the United States government insists on a ceasefire at the point (as Secretary of State Rice appears to be doing by supporting a flawed United Nations resolution), it will not only undermine Israel's security, but will betray the principles of the civilized world in general and our own national interests in particular...Iran has, with impunity, been fanning sectarian tensions in neighboring Iraq for months, costing America both lives and treasure. If no consequences follow from the far more direct aggression of Iran's Hezbollah proxy far from home, will the Tehran regime suddenly relent from meddling in Baghdad?"

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