Professor Hazlett Talks Telecomm on C-SPAN

C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" featured Professor Thomas Hazlett, former FCC chief economist, in an hour-long segment focused on telecommunications issues.  Hazlett responded to questions called in from around the country on various telecomm topics, including net neutrality, the Bush Administration's record on telecomm regulation and consumer choice in telecomm services.


"The goal of progressive public policy is to get past some of the historical mistakes in restricting competition and restricting access to the airwaves."

"If customers want access to better entertainment and more information sources, there's going to be a price tag, and the competitive market, in terms of allowing efficient rivals to offer various options and innovate around new technologies, is certainly the proven method for getting low-cost access to Americans."

click here and select August 18 from "Recent Programs."  Prof. Hazlett's segment begins at 2:01:01.