Professor Katzen Comments in Media Ownership Deregulation Controversy

Federal Communication Commission Chairman Kevin Martin's early attempts to examine the issue of media ownership deregulation may be reined in by the effects of the Administrative Procedures Act, which requires agencies to follow uniform drafting procedures and to notify the public and solicit comment prior to making changes to existing regulations.

In following the issue, The Daily Deal solicited the comments of Professor Sally Katzen, writing that "George Mason University School of Law Professor Sally Katzen says the FCC's vague proposals typically resemble notices of inquiry, which most agencies use to initiate basic information about a subject long before there's any plan to impose a new rule. 'If, as some people are arguing, the agency has not given information about what it intends to do, then the affected parties could claim they have not had an opportunity for meaningful comment,' she says."

Process matters, The Daily Deal, September 18, 2006. By Ron Orol.