Rotunda Letter Appears in Wall Street Journal

Professor Ronald Rotunda argues for the use of the term "American" to describe one born or naturalized a U.S. citizen in an October 4, 2006, letter to the editor published in the Wall Street Journal, saying, "My parents came from Italy, but I was born here, and I consider myself to be American, not 'Italian-American.' How long do I have to live in this country before the L.A. Times will accept that I am American? My heritage is Italian, but I am as American as anyone who works for the L.A. Times."

Rotunda goes on to say, "My father is 91-years-old. When the VA doctor recently examined him (my father was a spy in World War II for the Americans), the doctor looked at his name and said, 'So, you are Italian-American.' 'No,' said my father, 'I am an American.'