Mason Law Bar Passage Rates Soar

The Virginia Board of Bar Examiners has reported that Mason Law alumni who sat for the state bar exam in July 2006 passed the test in record numbers. 

Among all takers, 83.2 percent of Mason graduates passed the bar, bettering the state average passing rate by more than 11 percentage points.

First-time bar takers from Mason passed the exam at the rate of 85.4 percent—nearly 10 points higher than the 76.8 percent state average for first-timers. 

These unprecedented results follow on the heels of a strong performance by Mason Law grads who sat for the bar exam in February, when the Mason first-time passage rate was 71.4 percent.  The state average was 65.2 percent for first-time takers.

Since 2003, Mason's bar passage rates for first-time takers have been consistently higher than the state average.

"We're very encouraged by our students' fine performance on the Virginia Bar Exam, which is one of the toughest in the country," said Dan Polsby, dean of the law school. "What we're seeing is a reflection of stronger and stronger classes working their way through the law school's unique and demanding curriculum."