Law Student's Rise to Success Chronicled in USA Today

Second-year evening student Anna Escobedo Cabral is the subject of a recent USA Today feature chronicling her inspirational story of success. According to the article, Cabral credits education for taking her from humble beginnings in Southern California to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, where she currently serves as treasurer of the United States. Nominated by President Bush, Cabral was confirmed by the Senate on November 20, 2004, and her signature now appears on currency worth nearly $249 billion.

Treasurer Promotes Value of Education, USA Today, November 14, 2006. By Barbara Hagenbaugh.

"As the U.S. treasurer, a position that dates back to the Continental Congress in 1775, Cabral, 47, is the main adviser to government agencies charged with producing the nation's money. She is also a key spokeswoman for the administration on financial literacy and the economy.

"Cabral has made financial literacy a focus of her job, and travels three or four days a week around the country to promote smart management of money. She says she especially likes to speak to kids, believing the earlier you start, the better.

"Cabral remembered when she first had to sign her name for the engravers who would be creating the plates for the money. Every time she brought her hand to the page, it would shake.

"'I couldn't do it,' she says.

"But she was finally able to sign when she thought about where she and her family had come from. Cabral says she never wants to forget her past and wants to help others in similar situations. Part of that help is by teaching people to be responsible with their money. She also tries to use herself as an example that people can, if given the right opportunity and support, thrive."

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