Hazlett on Reallocation of TV White Space for Wi-Fi and WiMAX Services

Professor Thomas Hazlett believes an unlicensed spectrum allocation is a "recipe for disaster" in TV white space. His remarks were delivered at a recent mini-conference examining the issues of municipal Wi-Fi and reallocation of TV band spectrum for unlicensed device use that was sponsored by Mason's Information Economy Project and held at the law school. Hazlett was a participant in a presentation entitled "TV Band 'White Space': Two Views."

Qualcomm's Jacobs on stereotypes, becoming a law firm and WiMAX, RCR Wireless News, November 20, 2006. By Jeffrey Silva.

"Thomas Hazlett, a professor at George Mason University Law School, warned an unlicensed spectrum allocation is a recipe for disaster in TV white space, also dubbed a junk band. 'The real truth is junk is perpetuated' by allowing unlicensed Wi-Fi operations in TV guard bands. He said high-tech firms betting big on Wi-Fi and WiMAX are not precluded from buying spectrum and making unlicensed use available within licensed service areas."