Krauss on Threat of Jihad In The Americas

There is ample evidence that Hezbollah-inspired activity is growing in the Americas and poses a very real threat to the United States according to Professor Michael Krauss. Writing in TCS Daily, Krauss cites recent studies and events that give rise to the belief that Lebanese expatriate populations are actively proselytizing in South America for converts to their cause and using those countries as a base of operations.

Franchising Jihad, TCS Daily, December 4, 2006. By J. Peter Pham and Michael I. Krauss.

"As Rachel Ehrenfeld spotlighted in an excellent National Review Online column back in 2003, exploiting its entree with the Lebanese diaspora, Hezbollah has had a longstanding and profitable presence in South America. In the largely ungoverned jungles of the tri-border region of where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay intersect, Hezbollah clerics have been active since the mid-1980s, seeking converts as well as recruiting new members and organizing cells among immigrant Muslim communities from the Middle East. In addition, Brazilian, Argentinean, and other Latin American intelligence sources report the existence of special Hezbollah-run weekend camps, where children and teenagers receive weapons and combat training, as well as indoctrination them in the anti-American and anti-Semitic ideologies of the Ayatollah Khomeini and his successors. Hezbollah is heavily involved in South America's thriving trade in illegal drugs, cultivating alliances with both drug cartels and narco-terrorist outfits with revolutionary aspirations like the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) and National Liberation Army (ELN) in Colombia. Brazilian security agencies estimate that hundreds of millions in profits are sent annually from Islamist organizations operating in the tri-border region to the Middle East, most of it going to Hezbollah in Lebanon." 

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