Supreme Court Economic Review Earns High Ranking

The Mason Law-based Supreme Court Economic Review (SCER) is ranked second among economics and law journals, according to the new Washington & Lee Law School Journals Ranking. The rankings are based on the number of citations to current scholarship a journal receives and are weighted for impact (a detailed explanation of the methodology is available here). 

Only The Journal of Legal Studies fared better, and the SCER ranked ahead of numerous prestigious journals, including the Journal of Law and Economics and the American Law and Economics Review.

The SCER was founded in the early 1980s by Mason Law Dean Emeritus Henry Manne, one of the principal founders of law and economics. Under the able editorship of the late Peter Aronson, the SCER provided a much-needed outlet for sophisticated economic analysis of the work of the United States Supreme Court.

After two very successful volumes, the SCER did not publish again until 1993, when it was revived with the help of UCLA economist Harold Demsetz, the late Ernest Gellhorn of Mason Law, and Mason Law Professors Nelson Lund and Bruce Kobayashi. In later years, several other Mason Law faculty members helped to reestablish the journal as a premier forum for peer-reviewed law and economics scholarship. These editors have included Larry Ribstein (now at the University of Illinois), Daniel D. Polsby, Todd Zywicki, Francesco Parisi (now at the University of Minnesota), and Lloyd Cohen

The new Washington & Lee rankings provide objective confirmation of the SCER's high quality and extraordinarily strong scholarly influence, which will no doubt continue under the new editors, Mason Law Professors Ilya Somin and Todd Zywicki. To learn more about the journal, click here.

Read the press release from the University of Chicago Press regarding the rankings.