Rotunda Comments in Los Angeles Times on Investigation of Nevada Judge

The apparent hiring of an outside law firm by the 9th Circuit "suggests that a special committee has been appointed" to investigate a federal judge who awarded nearly $5 million in judgments and fees without disclosing his ties to the recipients, said Professor Ronald Rotunda in a recent Los Angeles Times article.

Despite confidentiality rules governing investigation of federal judges, sources close to the inquiry have told the Times that an investigation of U.S. District Judge James C. Mahan of Las Vegas is underway. Mahan was one of eight former and current Nevada Judges featured in a Los Angeles Times investigative report in June. State-level measures taken since then by Nevada include appointment of a statewide commission to investigate and reform the state's judicial system.

Las Vegas judge under investigation, Los Angeles Times, December 30, 2006. By Michael J. Goodman.

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