Law School Gets a Facelift

As Mason commences its spring semester, the law school has begun a design project that will create a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment within Hazel Hall. This project is in response to feedback shared over the past two years at town halls, SBA meetings and other events that improvements to the look and feel of the building were needed.

Dean Price spearheaded an effort to consult students, staff, professors and alumni to identify the most critical concerns and develop workable solutions.

The facelift began over the winter break with the painting of the Levy Atrium. Painting in other areas will continue in the coming months. Throughout the semester, new plants and furnishings will arrive in the common areas. Most of the project should be completed this summer, and every effort will be made to minimize disruption to classes and school events.

The resulting sleeker surroundings will allow the law school to put its best foot forward to prospective students and other visitors while creating a more comfortable and functional space for current students, faculty and staff to enjoy.  

If during this renovation project you encounter doors, furniture or equipment in need of repair, please alert Karen Newman, the law school's Director of Administrative Services, at