Somin Cited on Voter Ignorance Issue in Hawaii Newspaper

"Is the average American voter well enough informed to vote intelligently?" asks  the author of an article appearing in Hawaii Reporter in which Professor Ilya Somin's comments on voter ignorance are cited.

Somin indicated that the depth of most individual voters' ignorance is shocking to observers not familiar with  research such as the National Election Survey, which has analyzed election results since 1948. According to Somin, the Survey data shows that more than a quarter of U.S. voters know little or nothing about political issues; furthermore, because each citizen knows that his or her individual vote will have minimal impact on the election outcome, there is not much incentive to become better informed, an opinion that might be consider quite rational.

U.S. Elections Decided By Know-Nothings? Hawaii Reporter, February 6, 2007. By Tom Macdonald.