Berkowitz Contributes to Discussion in National Review Online

Professor Peter Berkowitz was a featured participant in a discussion of author Dinesh D'Souza's response to conservatives' criticism of his book "The Enemy at Home" in an online symposium for the National Review Online. Berkowitz had previously reviewed the book for The Weekly Standard.

In the symposium Berkowitz restates his criticisms of the book, saying, "Indeed, thanks to D'Souza's public challenge, which provided the occasion to reexamine his work, I now realize that his central claim is still more extravagant and incendiary than I initially appreciated. Reading his book in light of Lincoln's discerning assessment in 1838 of the surpassing danger that the contest over slavery posed to the nation, it becomes clear that D'Souza believes that in our post 9/11 world the cultural left at home presents the gravest danger we face."

The Enemy D'Souza Knows, National Review Online, March 16, 2007.

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