Statement of Dean Polsby on Partisan Attacks on the Law School's Law & Economics Center and Judge Andrew Kleinfeld

In response to the recent attacks issued against Mason Law's Law & Economics Center and Judge Andrew Kleinfeld by the Soros Foundation-backed Community Rights Counsel, Dean Daniel Polsby today issued the following statement:   

"We are indignant that Judge Kleinfeld has been smeared by politically motivated actors. All of the members of the Law School's Law & Economics Center Board of Advisors, including Judge Kleinfeld, serve without fee, being reimbursed only for their reasonable travel expenses. The membership of the Board consists of state and federal judges of all philosophical and political stripes. We are grateful to these advisors for their service, and we are grateful to the ExxonMobil Foundation, as well as to our many other donors, for their support of this program.

"The Law & Economics Center is an integral part of George Mason's law school. It puts on first-rate programs for state and federal judges that are intellectually rigorous and that avoid politically charged topics. Donors do not have any say in what topics Law & Economics Center programs will address. The syllabuses for these programs, as well as the Law & Economics Center donor list, are readily available for public scrutiny on the George Mason University School of Law website. The support of corporate foundations is in fact less than ten percent of the Law & Economics Center budget. The Law & Economics Center scrupulously complies with all applicable laws and rules of judicial ethics and all disclosure requirements of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

"Community Rights Counsel is a political organization. It has been attacking the Law & Economics Center for many years. Its complaints about Judge Kleinfeld are merely a cover for this old vendetta. It has, in fact, publicly conceded that there is no actual impropriety associated with Judge Kleinfeld's service on the Law & Economics Center's Advisory Board. So it seeks to manufacture an "appearance" of impropriety out of unsupported innuendoes and insinuations.

"Each year ExxonMobil Foundation (which has no more to do with ExxonMobil Corporation than Ford Foundation has to do withFord Motor Company) gives money to hundreds of charities, including a large number of universities with law schools, such as Harvard, Yale, Texas, Stanford and Columbia. Apparently the Community Rights Counsel would wish the members of the Law & Economics Center's Advisory Board to sever any connection, if any, that they might have to these schools. What foolishness!"