Cohen Letter in WSJ Applauds Incentives for Organ Donations

Responding to a recent op-ed appearing on The Wall Street Journal's editorial page, Professor Lloyd Cohen praised the author's recommendations for incentives to be offered for organ donations.

In his letter of response appearing in the March 27 edition of the publication, Cohen comments that "Those readers old enough to remember the television show "Beat the Clock" are best positioned to appreciate the absurdity of the current regime of organ donation. On that show contestants were required to perform a simple task such as dribble a basketball across the room - the kicker was that they were not permitted to use their hands. So it is in the world of transplant organs. The National Organ Transplant Act makes it a federal crime to take or to offer valuable consideration for a transplant organ. As a result, the organs that could restore the ill to health are instead fed to worms."