Loislaw Free Online Legal Research Service for Law Students

The law school has an agreement with Loislaw to provide students complimentary access to Loislaw online research. Loislaw has:

  • Up-to-date cases, statutes, rules and regulations, and other Primary Law for all 50 states and federal jurisdictions (Secondary Sources and Featured Products are not included in the free student password)

  • Now includes Federal Circuit Court Unpublished Opinions from January 1, 2007 under FRAP 32.1

LoisLaw is offered on a year round basis. Unlike Lexis and Westlaw, students are encouraged to take the service with them to part time and summer positions. Students also have free access for six months after graduation.

To obtain the GMUSL access code for Loislaw, please email or drop-by the Reference Office. To obtain a copy of the Loislaw Subscriber Handbook, please come by the Reference Office.

For more information on Loislaw, see