Krauss on Jerusalem

Noting that the United States maintains an embassy in the functioning capital of every country except Israel, Professor Michael Krauss argues that the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, which became law without benefit of a presidential signature, should be enforced, with the U.S. vacating the current Tel Aviv embassy location and reestablishing an embassy in Jerusalem.

Next Year in Jerusalem, National Review Online, June 5, 2007. By Michael I. Krauss and J. Peter Pham.

"No one questions President Bush's commitment to national security and his friendship for Israel. But the 'logic' behind his invocation of these waivers is flawed, and undermines both the national interests of the United States and the security of the State of Israel. By leaving our embassy in Tel Aviv in deference to the State Department's concerns about the sensitivities of Arab 'moderates,' the U.S. places a question mark next to the very existence of Israel in Arab die-hards. America's refusal to relocate its embassy to an uncontested portion of Israel's capital validates the efforts of Israel's enemies to wrest the Holy City and, untimately, 'the whole of Palestine, from the river to the sea,' (one of Arafat's favorite phrases) by intransigence, violence, and terror. And if the 'little Satan' of Israel can be beaten, why not the 'Greater Satan' of America? This is why, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Holy City's liberation, America's interests would be best served by making real for our embassy the words of the Passover invocation: 'Lshana ha'ba-ah b'Yerushalayim...Next year in Jerusalem.'"

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