Rabkin in USA Today: Gitmo Closure Proposal Problematic

Efforts by members of Congress to stop funding for the Guantanamo Bay detention center and grant new legal rights to detainees could have serious and far reaching effects, according to Professor Jeremy Rabkin, whose comments were carried in a USA Today article.

A proposal by Representative Jim Moran (D-Va.) would phase out funding for Guantanamo and allow for its 375 prisoners to brought to the U.S. and tried in civilian or military courts.

Such a proposal would grant Guantanamo prisoners greater rights than prisoners of war who "play by the rules," says Rabkin. In addition, many potentially dangerous terrorists might win release in American courts that are "not designed to try unlawful combatants."

Lawmakers to work on shutting down Guantanamo facility; Senate amendment would grant legal rights to detainees, USA Today, July 9, 2007. By Richard Willing.

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