Krauss on "War-Denial"

The goal of war must be the destruction of the enemy by rendering him politically helpless or militarily impotent says Professor Michael Krauss. "The men who decimated German and Japanese cities as part of the efort to win World War II as quickly as possible would have been perplexed by descendants who now send American troops house to booby-trapped house and expect to achieve anything but more war," he adds.

Give War a Chance! American Thinker, July 23, 2007. By Michael I. Krauss and J. Peter Pham.

"Jurists have taught that there are rules of war and accepted norms of behavior, codified in the Hague and Geneva Conventions, which prohibit the use of certain types of weapons, proscribe various tactics, and outlaw attacks on specific categories of targets. But we are at war with terrorists who wear no uniforms, have no rank, display no weapons openly, target civilians, and in some cases commit suicide for mass murder. These terrorists are now accorded the privileges of lawful combatants taken on the field of honor-and some the latter would not even dream of, such as early release of enemy detainees by the Administrative Review Boards at Guantanamo  Bay even as the conflict is ongoing (regular prisoners of war, irrespective of their condition, are normally not repatriated until the conclusion of hostilities).

"In the fight against Islamist terror, we Americans have never actually given war a chance. We must do so-and soon-lest when we finally wake up to this war's reality, we find that the cost of the conflict thrust upon us is immeasurably higher."

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