Zywicki Comments on Escalation of Dissent Among Dartmouth Alumni

A group of Dartmouth alumni took their criticism of the Dartmouth administration a step further with a full-page ad in the New York Times contending that college leaders were attempting to stifle alumni. The Committee to Save Dartmouth College, started by two anonymous alumni, sponsored the Times ad, as well as two others that ran on the Times website and a fourth scheduled to run in the Wall Street Journal.

Commenting in a Boston Globe news story, Professor Todd Zywicki, who holds one of four alumni-controlled seats on the Dartmouth Board of Trustees, said that he and others worry that Dartmouth is gradually moving away from its historic focus on undergraduate education toward a greater emphasis on research.

"Dartmouth has resisted that trend because of its democratic traditions and its small and engaged board," said Zywicki. "I'm afraid that the governance committee will take a step that will sever that tie. I'm afraid that Dartmouth College will, a generation from now, be a different, less distinctive, and weaker institution than it is today."

Ads challenge changes in Dartmouth board, The Boston Globe, August 29, 2007. By Ryan Haggerty.

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