Hazlett to Competition Exists for Satellite Radio

The proposed merger of satellite radio giants XM and Sirius will not represent a monopoly for consumers, who currently have a diverse spectrum of products from which to chose says Professor Thomas Hazlett.

Hazlett's comments appeared in as part of a story examining whether the merger will have a positive or an adverse effect on consumers.

Hazlett, who was commissioned by XM and Sirius to write a brief to the FCC on behalf of the merger, believes that ample opportunies exist to afford choices for listeners beyond satellite radio alone, pointing to iPods, Internet radio, and terrestrial radio as examples. Commenting on the National Association of Broadcasters' opposition to the merger, Hazlett observes that, "If they honestly thought that satellite radio is in a different market, and people didn't sustitute back and forth, then they wouldn't have a strong opinion on this."

Proposed satellite radio merger: Boon for consumers or monopoly?, September 3, 2007.

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