Berkowitz Book Review Appears in Wall Street Journal

Professor Peter Berkowitz, reviewing Mark Lilla's study of politics and religion in the modern West, "The Stillborn God," in the Wall Street Journal, states that "The great undertaking of the liberal West is to make a place for religion -- in public as well as private life -- without sacrificing individual freedom and political order."

Berkowitz points out that the European tradition around which Lilla's arguments revolve leaves out "a crucual alternative, one embodied in the American experiment in liberal democracy. That alternative, championed by the Founders, provides religious reasons for separating church and state and political reasons for cherishing religion. This suggests that the challenge lies not in choosing between putting your trust in God or putting your trust in man but in choosing to give each its due."

Contested Authority; A Philosophical history of the shifting power of religion in politics, TheWall Street Journal, September 15, 2007. By Peter Berkowitz.