Bernstein Comments Cited in Legal Times

An October 1 "Points of View" commentary in Legal Times looks at Columbia University's September 24 sponsorship of a speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, drawing on remarks of Professor David Bernstein concerning the propriety of such an event.

"Ahmadinejad is the head of state of an enemy state, whose armed forces are killing American soldiers with equipment they provide to Iraqi insurgents... American universities should [not give] a respectful forum to our enemies," Bernstein said.

Author Stuart Taylor Jr. comments further on what he refers to as a double standard that many academics and journalists apply to free speech controversies, closing his article by quoting Bernstein: "In the words of George Mason's Bernstein, 'The Chemerinsky episode, disturbing though it was, should not distract us from the primary challenge facing academic freedom in American universities: the rise of an academic far-left establishment that seeks to use universities as a base for political activism and is perfectly willing to violate accepted standards of academic freedom to achieve that goal.'"

Only Some Speech (POINTS OF VIEW: Iran's Leader Gets a University Podium. Why Don't U.S. Conservatives?), Legal Times, October 1, 2007. by Stuart Taylor Jr.