Boardman Tapped as Advisor to Candidate Romney

A press release issued today by Governor Mitt Romney announces those selected as members of his Advisory Committee on the Constitution and the Courts and names Professor Michelle Boardman as one of those chosen.

Boardman joins a select group of legal professionals, scholars, and business leaders who will counsel Romney on judicial matters, the separation of powers, and issues of federalism.

With her selection by Romney, Boardman becomes the third Mason Law professor to be named an advisor to a candidate for election to the United States presidency in 2008. In June, presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani named Professor Peter Berkowitz part of his new foreign policy team, positioning Berkowitz as Senior Statecraft, Human Rights and Freedom Advisor. Giuliani's announcement was followed almost immediately by one naming Foundation Professor of Law Timothy Muris part of the economic policy team for Senator John McCain of Arizona.

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