Somin in Houston Chronicle: Judge's Ethical Problems Justify Congressional Attention

Commenting on the recent reprimand of U.S. District Judge Samuel B. Kent of the 5th Circuit, Professor Ilya Somin told the Houston Chronicle that Kent's "long history of ethical problems" was significant enough to warrant Congressional inquiry, echoing the concerns expressed by members of Congress, organization presidents, and other law professors, some of whom are calling for the House Judiciary Committee to investigate possible impeachment of Kent.

Somin, who clerked at the 5th Circuit, pointed out that federal judges have limited ability to discipline a colleague and can do so only through reprimands and reassignment of cases, both of which Kent has experienced over the past six years.

Kent's most recent reprimand over charges of sexual harassment has caused concern over his ability to preside over such cases in the future.

Could Kent lose his bench? Houston Chronicle via, October 7, 2007. By Lise Olsen and Harvey Rice.

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