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GMU Federalist Society Panel on Judges and Unenumerated Rights, October 15

The GMU Federalist Society presents a discussion:

Should Judges Secure Unenumerated Rights?


When: Monday, October 15, 2005 at 5:15PM

Where: GMUSL Atrium

Who: Roger Pilon - Cato Institute, VP of Legal Affairs
Nelson Lund - GMU Constitutional Law Professor
Moderator: Ronald Rotunda, GMU Constitutional Law Professor

Refreshments will be provided


The Framers gave us the Ninth Amendment, which states that we have unenumerated rights.

Often, liberal judges invent rights by drawing on their own conceptions of evolving social values. In contrast, certain strict constructionist conservative judges recognize only those rights expressly written "in" the Constitution -- thus ignoring the presumption of individual liberty at the very foundation of the document.

Should Judges Secure Unenumerated Rights? If so, how should a judge determine the limits of these rights? Where do these rights come from?