Rotunda on High School Anti-Abortion Club Controversy

Bringing an end to an ongoing controversy that resulted in a student filing a lawsuit in federal court, Colonial Forge High School in Stafford County, Virginia, has recognized an anti-abortion club, which met for the first time this week.

Stafford County school officials first had denied a student's request to form the club, arguing that the club did not relate to the county school's curriculum. The Alliance Defense Fund represented the teenager in filing the lawsuit, which was dropped after school officials reversed their earlier decision.

In response to suggestions that students might be inclined to propose other controversial clubs, Professor Ronald Rotunda commented in the Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Virginia), saying, "Sometimes people worry abut a parade of horribles, and I never see this parade."

Colonial Forge will recognize new club, The Free Lance-Star, October 25, 2007. By Jeff Branscome.

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