Hayward Comments on Possible FEC Investigation in Ohio Congressional Primary

The possibility of a Federal Elections Commission inquiry into charges of coordination of activities in Ohio's 5th District Republican primary would underscore the complexities inherent in such charges, says Professor Allison Hayward.

Commenting in the Toledo Blade, Hayward, a former FEC lawyer, said that proving coordination of activities in the case may be a difficult thing.

"It's complicated because it's been subject to court challenges and in some ways unresolved," said Hayward.

Federal election law forbids a PAC from directly coordinating its message and materials with a candidate in cases involving contributions by the PAC of $5,000 or more to a campaign. In the Ohio case, a candidate is questioning his opponent's use of a college student to coordinate activities between the opponent's campaign and a Washington-based political action committee heavily invested in the primary.

Latta camp questions link of BGSU student to PAC, Toledo Blade, November 2, 2007. By Joshua Boak.

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