2008 Presidential Management Fellows Application Opening and Submission Deadline

Applications for the 2008 Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program are now open.  Applications must be submitted by Midnight, (Eastern Time) on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2007. 

The PMF Program 

The PMF program is designed to attract outstanding graduate (including law) students to the Federal service.  It is a two-year program that provides opportunities to work for federal agencies on a variety of domestic and international issues in policy or management oriented positions after graduation .  PMFs also have the opportunity to do at least one rotation within the same agency or another government agency.  As a PMF, assignments may involve public policy and administration, domestic or international issues, information technology, human resources, engineering, health and medical sciences, law, financial management, and many other fields in support of public service programs.  Graduate students who expect to complete an advanced degree (master's, law, or doctoral-level) by August 31, 2008 are eligible for the program. 

The Application Process

The PMF application is available via a vacancy announcement at USAJOBS (, the official job site of the United States Federal Government.  Applicants can also apply to the PMF Program via a link on the "How to Apply/PMF Application" webpage at  PMF applicants are able to reuse or modify the resumes they create in USAJOBS to apply for other Federal jobs.  

Important Note on Nomination Form!  Applicants must be nominated for the program by Dean Polsby.  Applicants will be required to print a PMF Nomination Form (OPM Form 1300) once their application is completed and submit this form to Amy Shepherd in Career, Academic and Alumni Services (CAAS) as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, DECEMBER 7, 2007.   Amy may be reached at (703) 993-8052, at or in Room 373 in the CAAS suite.

Applicants will be able to utilize a feature during the application process known as "Application Manager."  This system allows applicants to view their submitted resume, complete the qualifications questionnaire, submit supporting documents for veterans' preference (if any), and view their submitted PMF Nomination Form.  Applicants will be able to see whether or not their school's Nomination Official submitted their PMF Nomination Form and official notification will be sent via email.

There is also a "Geographic Availability" question during the application process for applicants to identify the geographic areas they are interested in obtaining a PMF appointment.  Additional information can be found under "Program and Application Overview" found on the "How to Apply" webpage at There is also a special email address ( specifically for the application, nomination, and assessment processes.  General program inquiries should be sent to

Assessment Time Frame and Locations 

The PMF Program is expecting to run the proctored assessment exams for all nominees from January 28 through February 29, 2008.  Nominees will be electronically notified by mid January 2008 for the date, time, and location of their assessment, based on the assessment location they chose during the application process.  The following 11 assessment locations will be offered to the applicants:  Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA ; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; New York City, NY; Raleigh, NC; Seattle, WA; and Washington, DC.  The Washington, DC, location will serve as the last assessment location available for any make-up assessments. 

Announcement of PMF Finalists 

Finalists should be announced in late-March/early-April 2008.  The PMF Class of 2008 Finalists' Job Fair is scheduled to take place in the Spring of 2008, in Washington, DC. Actual dates for the job fair will be posted on the PMF website.

Please contact Amy Shepherd in CAAS at (703) 993-8052 or for more information.