Hazlett on XM-Sirius Merger

An Ars Technica article on the XM-Sirius satellite radio merger cited a study commissioned by XM and Sirius in which Professor Thomas Hazlett concluded that the merger of those two companies would not create unfair competition for terrestrial radio.

Instead, said Hazlett, referring to National Association of Broadcasters protests, "These interests emphatically claim that they oppose the merger because it will lead to a monopoly that will harm consumers. This fierce opposition is powerful evidence in itself that AM/FM radio-'free radio'-competes with satellite radio, and reveals the true concern of terrestrial stations: that the merger will create a stronger rival better able to meet the needs of consumers."

State AGs give DoJ, FCC serious static over XM-Sirius merger, Ars Technica, March 28, 2008. By Matthew Lasar.

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