Alvaré Speaks at 13th Eucharistic Congress

Professor Helen Alvaré was a featured speaker in the 13th Eucharistic Congress, which took place June 21 and 22 at the Georgia International Convention Center and was attended by close to 30,000 Roman Catholics.

The two-day event sponsored by the Archdiocese of Atlanta was designed to enhance the respect of Catholics for the Eucharist, or Holy Communion, and its programs were offered in multiple languages in an effort to include the church's diverse following.

Professor Alvaré spoke to the assembly on issues of marriage and family life, telling it, "A big challenge is the marriage and family crisis -- not just because it's internal, but it's also external to the United States. It has what I call tentacles."

"Without a solid marriage and family culture, society really is in big trouble," said Alvaré. And particularly among the poor and among immigrants, their marriage and family life is falling apart at a faster rate than people with more money."

"It's not just a sex issue. It's not a 'This is where you follow Catholic doctrine' issue, Alvaré reasoned. "It's more, are going to be able to fulfill the meaning and purpose of your life, which is loving care for other persons who are given to you? And are we going to be able to build a strong society, not just for Catholics, but for the whole country?" 

Catholics turn out in droves for the Eucharist, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, June 22, 2008. By Nancy Badertscher.

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