Alvaré on Palin

In an op-ed on vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's brand of feminism, Professor Helen Alvaré likened Palin to "what a lot of women aspire to be on their best day," praising the candidate for both her devotion to her family and her professional success. 

"Women are too diverse today, too experienced both at home and at work, to buy the notion that happiness always takes the form of a full-time career alongside a minimalist domestic life," said Alvaré.

Regardless whether Palin is elected to office in November, Alvaré believes "her public presence has already won a deep and long-lasting victory for a new and pro-life feminism in the United States."

The case for Sarah Palin, Louisville Courier-Journal, September 28, 2008. By Helen Alvaré.

"Sarah Palin looks like what a lot of women aspire to be on their best day. She clearly takes real pleasure and real strength from her family. Communicates pride as a son deploys to a war zone. Stands publicly by a pregnant teenage daughter. Uncomplainingly accepts a disabled child. Successful in her profession. Funny. Supremely confident.

"Governor Palin is also pro-life.

"She is the walking, talking, one-liner-delivering embodiment of the worldview that pro-life feminist women have labored to communicate for the last 35 years.

"This worldview includes the idea that it is not only generous, but wise, to see children as 'gifts,' not 'threats.' It holds that women are capable of strength, not only when they assume roles formerly restricted to men, but when they rise to the challenge of protecting life -- even to the point of suffering and sacrificing on behalf of others."

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