Cohen Debates Market Solution for Organ Shortages

A sold-out audience at Asia Society and Museum, New York City, voted for a market solution to human organ shortages after a debate in which Professor Lloyd Cohen and two others argued for the motion to legalize the market for human organs.

The debate, the final of the spring 2008 season for Intelligence Squared U.S., was an Oxford style, three-on-three debate sponsored by the Rosenkranz Foundation. The debate series is a U.S. version of a London-based program, and its stated intent is to provide a forum for intelligent discussion featuring opposing views.

Intelligence Squared U.S. polls its audience on each motion before and after the debate. Cohen's audience voted 60% for the motion at the close of the debate.

Audience Chooses Market Solution to Organ Shortage in Final Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate of Season,, May 14, 2008.

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