Mason Law Web Site Featured in Mason Gazette

Mason Law's newly designed web site was featured in a Mason Gazette column entitled "Web Watch" that brings attention to new and redesigned web sites throughout the university.

Designed and implemented by the law school's Instructional Web Services Developer, Paul Bohman, the web site has an entirely new look and feel, drawing inspiration from the colors and textures of law offices and bound legal documents. The photography is original, highlighting such themes as the school's proximity to Washington, D.C.; campus architecture; the heritage of the school's namesake, George Mason; and current students throughout the design. Bohman's strong background and ability in the areas of art and photography have allowed him to move easily between the roles of designer and developer in bringing the new web site to life.

The site uses an open-source application development framework and content management system called MODx, written in the PHP programming language. The web-based editing interface allows users to update the site from any computer with an Internet connection without the need to know HTML code. The framework stores data in a tightly integrated relational database that allows for great flexibility in the way the information can be stored, displayed, and queried, with pieces of information becoming data objects that can be queried independently. The design is modular and template-driven and relies on the use of cascading style sheets (CSS) to their full effect.

The web site is also designed to provide access to visitors with disabilities.

Read more about the web site in The Mason Gazette.