Sales Contributes to Homeland Security Task Force

A task force on which Professor Nathan Sales participated has released its report, Homeland Security 3.0: Building a National Enterprise To Keep America Free, Safe, and Prosperous, concluding that Congress and the administration should focus on strengthening the national homeland security enterprise as a whole, rather than looking toward efforts to redefine it.

The report is the culmination of the work of a task force chaired by homeland security experts from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the Heritage Foundation. Members of the committee were drawn from academia, research centers, the private sector, and congressional staffs.

Major recommendations of the task force include:

(1) Empowering a national culture of preparedness by focusing on building more self-reliant communities and individuals,

(2) Shifting to a strategy that is focused on building and sustaining a resilient national infrastructure,

(3) Expanding international cooperation throughout homeland security programs,

(4) Developing a framework for domestic intelligence, and

(5) Establishing national programs to improve professional development at all levels of governance on security and public safety. 

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