Schleicher Paper on One-Party Politics Draws Notice

City Council elections may garner the award for least competitive of any American elections, concludes Professor David Schleicher in his paper published in the Journal of Law & Politics and entitled, "Why Is There No Partisan Competition In City Council Elections?"

Looking at council elections in big cities, Schleicher found competition between Democrats and Republicans to be nearly nonexistent. While mayoral elections in major cities can be the subject of heavy campaign spending, thus delivering information pertaining to candidate positions and issues, council elections may suffer from an inability to impart much more than simply party affiliation to the electorate, says Schleicher. "If local elections only tell us whether people like President Bush, they aren't serving any purpose," he states.

Schleicher's article gained notice in a variety of media, including those linked below. Download the paper.

Schleicher, David, "Why is There No Partisan Competition in City Council Elections? The Role of Election Law" . Journal of Law and Politics, Vol. 15, 2008

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